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Can my car have a towbar fitted?

In most cases yes but there are various makes and models that cannot, mostly Hybrid/Electric and high performance cars are not homologated to tow ( i.e Toyota Prius, nissan micra 2010-> and the bmw M cars (M1,M2 ect)


What towbar can i have fitted?

this is mostly down to personal preference, there are some cases where a detachable towbar are a must for example some cars have reversing sensors or cameras that pick the towball up and give a false reading. others are where the vehicles number plate has been fitted at the bottom of the bumper or the fog light is positioned where the towball will block the light unit.


I've been told i have to use a manufacturers specific towbar and wiring kit, is this true?

NO. you can use any towbar and any wiring kit you like providing they are for your vehicle and are also EC approved, a manufacturer can also NOT invalidate any warranty for not using there products. everything we fit to your vehicle is EC approved and fitted to manufacturers reccomendations.


Do i need a vehicle specific wiring?

Not always, if you have a vehicle that extra features that need to be activated for when your towing then we recommend a VSK but it is not essential to do so, your warranty cannot be invalidated for not using a VSK. remember everything we fit is EC approved.


I have an ALKO hitch, can i still have a swan neck or detachable?

Yes you can. all the swan necks and detachables we fit are ALKO suitable (just remember to remove the paint first!)


Do i get a warranty with my towbar?

Yes, dependant on manufacturer ranging from 1year to the lifetime of the vehicle the towbar is originally fitted to (excluding second hand towbars) all electric kits come with a standard 12month warranty as do our fittings.

(manufacturers terms and conditions apply)


can i use a spacer or drop plate on my towbar?

only a maximum 25mm steel spacer is permitted to be used on EC aprroved towbars. drop plates or raiser plates are not Allowed to be used unless they have been EC approved. plese note that using a spacer over 25mm or of alloy construction or a drop/raiser plate that is not EC approved will invalidate you're insurance and you may not be paid out in the event of a claim and can be prosecuted for no insurance.