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Types Of Towbar



Flange Type From £220+VAT

A 2 Bolt flange fixing fixed permanently in place



Swan Neck From £220+VAT

A single Swan style neck with a ball coupling built on to the top

These are the neatest Permanent fitting necks and clear most vehicles parking sensor systems.



Horizontal/Diagonal Detachable From £380+VAT

A non hideaway detachable towbar, We recommend these for people who are unable to get underneath the vehicle to insert the detachable neck.

Designed to be taken out when not towing to allow use of parking sensors



Vertical/Hideaway Detachable From £380+VAT

A Hideaway System where non of the towbar or electrics are visable when removed and tucked away. Ideal for those who want to use the parking sensors when not towing and also do not wish to spoil the looks of the vehicle.



Swan neck Brink Detachable Towbar Detachable VK Ball towball Brink Detachable Towbar